NW Financial & Tax Solutions Presents

The 8 Step
Retirement Trail Map

It takes a process to build the right plan...

Three Meetings, 8 Steps- No Cost or Obligation*



During the first meeting we seek to understand who you are, what you’re currently doing and your financial goals. This can be done over the phone or in person. You also get to know us and who we are!



For the second meeting we reveal the analysis of your portfolio, its ability to accomplish your goals, and discuss areas for improvement.



In the third meeting we discuss investment options and lay out a plan of action we believe makes the most sense for you. And we explain all the pros and cons, and deliver your custom 8-step plan.



If you decide to move forward with the plan we discussed in the 3rd meeting. We finalize the plan and get your money working to accomplish your goals.

The NW Financial 8 Step Retirement Trail Map

We offer a complimentary financial consultation and second opinion for those who qualify.

In our process you will be provided with:

  1. Portfolio/ Risk review
  2. Fee analysis
  3. Tax review (Provided by US Tax Centers NW)
  4. Retirement Income Plan
  5. Social Security Analyzer Report
  6. A Life Insurance and Long Term Care Analysis
  7. Estate Planning Consultation (Provided by attorney, Bob Kabacy)
  8. A free copy of the book “Winning the Retirement Game

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  • *Must have saved at least $100,000 for retirement

    *Suggested to be 55 years or older

    *Requests subject to advisor approval

    *No cost for the NW Financial 8 Step Retirement Trail Map, if you decide to become a client, we'd transparently discuss and disclose the associated costs before you need to make any decision.