Live Events

Is Your Retirement Plan Built for the Challenges of the 21st Century?


In Northwest Financial & Tax Solution’s live events, Jason Lambert and David Topper talk about the essential elements of a customized retirement income plan. Guests are able to attend dinner events, wine tasting events, or live online webinars and learn how to better plan and prepare for retirement. Whether you’re close to or already in retirement, these events are likely to provide applicable and relevant information to your situation.

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Year End Tax Planning, Roth Conversions, and Election Week

Free Live Webinar

With CEO Jason Lambert, SVP David Topper, and COO Dustin Martin

October 19th at 12PM

Who would benefit by attending?

These events are best suited for anyone who is 55 years or older and who is interested in learning about how best to plan and prepare for a successful retirement.

Is there a Cost to Attend?

There is no cost. These events are purely focused on providing relevant and useful information for those planning for, or already in, retirement.

Is Something Being Sold?

There is nothing being sold. Just like our weekly radio program, we see these events as being opportunities for us to share our experience. It is our goal to provide useful information regardless of where you're at on your journey to and through retirement. At the end of the event, if it makes sense for your situation, you will be offered a complimentary 2nd opinion from our firm.

Topics covered will include:

  • Will you outlive your retirement savings?
  • Are you concerned about shrinking Social Security?
  • Do your investments fit your stage in life?
  • Do you completely understand your investments and the associated risks?
  • Are you confident that your financial plan is adapting to the rapidly changing times?

The Northwest Financial and Tax Solutions  team seeks to make the complicated world of retirement planning simple. Whether you are planning for retirement or already retired, a second opinion from an experienced financial planner may uncover opportunities that could put you in a better financial position.

Your Speakers

Your speakers will be President & CEO Jason Lambert, Senior Vice President David Topper, and other advisors from Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions. On occasion we also include Bob Kabacy, an estate planning attorney with Kell, Alterman & Runstein, and Deane Stitt, CPA with US Tax Centers NW.

Keep an eye out for a financial workshop in your area and contact our office at (360) 828-1469 to inquire about future dates.

*Minimum age, income and/or asset requirements apply for eligibility to attend. Attendees subject to advisor approval. Repeat requests from individuals who have attended a workshop in the last 12 months may be declined.