Winning the Retirement Game By Jeff Dixson

Are you ready to win the game of retirement?

Financially Speaking, Life Is A Football Game And You Are The Quarterback.

You and your team have moved the ball all the way from your own end zone to the 10 yard line on the opposite end of the field. The twin uprights of the goalpost are right in front of you. The score is close. You must score a touchdown and an extra point to win the game. The clock is a big factor. Call the wrong play here and you could lose the ball. At the beginning of the game, time was unimportant because you had plenty of it. Now, however, every second counts. What do you do? Run? Pass? It’s a big decision. The coach calls timeout and you jog with your teammates to the sideline. Coach is a veteran of many such games and has seen this same situation many times before. Fortunately, he has a game-winning strategy. It fits the situation perfectly. Now you are confident you can win the game. Successful retirement is no game, but it does require strategy. And, like many game situations, a wrong call at the wrong time can end in financial disaster. The right call can provide decades of worry-free retirement.

If you are near your retirement “end zone,” you have worked hard, saved diligently and invested with care. Soon, you will move from the workaday world to enjoying the fruits of your labor, living life on your own terms at last — IF, that is, you don’t fumble the ball. You can call your own plays, or YOU CAN READ THIS BOOK AND SEE WHAT AN EXPERIENCED RETIREMENT COACH HAS TO SAY!

About The Author

Jeff Dixson – “The Retirement Coach” is the author of the book “Winning the Retirement Game”. Jeff was voted “Best Financial Advisor in Clark County” by the 2010, 2014 and 2015 Columbian Newspaper reader’s polls. Jeff and his team of specialists focus on helping individuals prepare for retirement by avoiding common investing mistakes. Their conservative guidance has helped hundreds of individuals throughout the Portland metro area grow, preserve, and protect their foundational assets.


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