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Is Your Retirement Income Plan Really The Best For You and Your Situation?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | November 4, 2014

Retirees who base their retirement lifestyle on an outdated 20 year old study, may come to find their income streams lacking later on in retirement. Your retirement lifestyle is 100% based on the income streams you have coming in each and every month. It used to be easy. Retirees used to be able to rely on a…

The ‘T’ Word

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | October 16, 2014

Strategically Planning for Taxes is a Cornerstone of Retirement Planning Taxes are the most boring, yet incredibly significant piece of the retirement puzzle. Most Americans view taxes as that annoying little chunk deducted from their paycheck every month, as well as the tedious filing they are required to take care of once a year with…

Retirement Income

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | October 7, 2014

Retirement Income Infographic

The Silent Retirement Killer

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | October 7, 2014

The Silent Retirement Killer The importance of considering inflation in your retirement planning. In post-World War I Germany, hyperinflation was a serious issue. The mark-dollar exchange rate rose from 4.2 marks to one dollar in 1914 to a peak of around 4.2 trillion marks to one dollar by November 1923. At the height of Germany’s…

Is Real Estate the Secret to Retirement Income?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | August 29, 2014

Many of my clients have invested in real estate over the years . If done properly, you can generate consistent income from rent coming in on a monthly basis while owning hard assets that will always have value. The truth is real estate is a sexy investment with serious potential upside, however let me ask you, are you willing to be…

The 500 Pound Gorilla: The Future of Taxes in America

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | July 3, 2014

Many experts and economists in this country believe that there is only one way for taxes to go in our country– upwards. With the mounting debt we have built up and decreasing taxable revenue coming in from an aging population, it is their belief, and mine as well, that the federal government will be forced…

The Beta Test Generation

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | May 7, 2014

Will Today’s Generation of Retirees Succeed or Flounder? Right now, for the first time since the 1950’s, the majority of the retiring generation is doing so without the guaranteed income of a company pension. Many don’t realize what a ground shifting statement that is. Most people don’t realize, but retirement is a relatively new concept…

Savers Beware!

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | January 30, 2014

How the Fed’s actions mean your savings account will not be getting bigger any time soon. The Federal Reserve’s attempts to stimulate the US economy have created the perfect storm to make traditional safe havens, used by savers and retirees, unattractive; forcing them to put their money in riskier places in order to find adequate returns.…

Top 8 Retirement Planning Pitfalls

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | December 13, 2013

Everyone at one point or another dreams about their retirement. During retirement you will be able to devote more of your time to what you really want to do and less to what you have to do. Most people are not aware of the retirement pitfalls that honest hard working Americans fall into that could…

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