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Retirement Rules of Thumb We Like

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | April 1, 2016

Rules of thumb in life are useful. For example, don’t eat after 8pm, eat slowly for better digestion, write down your ideas before you forget them, don’t be afraid to admit you don’t understand something, start small, think big, buy low, sell high and keep good financial records. In the financial and retirement planning world,…

Taxes and Their Role in Retirement Planning

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | March 18, 2016

  No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we all appreciate at least some things our state and federal government provide from the money we pay through various taxes. Most of us like highways, fire departments, border safety, the military, and funding for schools. Retirement planning is a simple numbers game. It’s a…

How Do you Decide Who’s The Right “Retirement Coach” For you?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | March 2, 2016

Believe it or not, financial advisors are not all the same. In the past, when someone said they were a financial advisor, people trusted them and figured they all offered the same thing. Many people have made the decision to work with an advisor they like and trust. While those are essential, the truth is,…

Interest Rates- The Most Dry, Yet Important Subject Affecting Retirees Today

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | February 19, 2016

How Will Changes in the Interest Rate Environment Affect Your Plan For Retirement? Interest rates, while a dry subject to most, are a critical subject to understand for retirees and pre-retirees. Many investments are affected by the changing interest rate environment which is strongly influenced by the actions of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve raised the Federal Funds rate by…

Should You Be a “Retirement Do-it-Yourselfer”?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | January 22, 2016

We find in this world there are two kinds of people. First, you have the “do-it-yourselfers”. These are the people who research, read and try to do most things on their own. They’re more likely to tackle their own home improvement projects, scour Pinterest for crafty ideas or get under the hood of their car…

What to know about Social Security- The most important things to understand before filing for Social Security benefits

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | August 10, 2015

One of the most common subjects that pre-retirees and retirees have questions about is Social Security. Most people understand they’re entitled to some sort of a benefit and they might also have an idea of what that benefit would be. However, as most of us suspect, there’s more to the Social Security program than the…

Annuities: The Good. The Bad. The Fine Print.- Should you HATE annuities or LOVE them?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | July 30, 2015

  At the back of everyone’s mind heading into retirement is the age-old question: how do I make sure I have the income I need to live on once I retire? How do I keep from running out of money in retirement, no matter how long I live? These are natural concerns for someone who…

The Age of The Robo-Advisor Is Here- Has the Traditional Advisor Become Obsolete?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | July 8, 2015

Everywhere you look today, there is a new app or software program designed to make our lives cheaper, easier and more convenient. The same is true in the financial and retirement planning industry. Over the last couple years we have seen the rise of the “robo-advisor” or computerized financial planning program designed to take the…

The Three Phases of Your Financial Life

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | June 19, 2015

How to make sure you invest your money properly in each phase of your financial life In a relay race, each runner is responsible for completing a leg in the race. The first runner begins the race by running as quickly as possible, building momentum for their teammates, essentially setting the foundation for the rest…

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