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Annuities: The Good. The Bad. The Fine Print.- Should you HATE annuities or LOVE them?

By Jeff Dixson | July 30, 2015

  At the back of everyone’s mind heading into retirement is the age-old question: how do I make sure I have the income I need to live on once I retire? How do I keep from running out of money in retirement, no matter how long I live? These are natural concerns for someone who…

The Age of The Robo-Advisor Is Here- Has the Traditional Advisor Become Obsolete?

By Jeff Dixson | July 8, 2015

Everywhere you look today, there is a new app or software program designed to make our lives cheaper, easier and more convenient. The same is true in the financial and retirement planning industry. Over the last couple years we have seen the rise of the “robo-advisor” or computerized financial planning program designed to take the…

The Three Phases of Your Financial Life

By Jeff Dixson | June 19, 2015

How to make sure you invest your money properly in each phase of your financial life In a relay race, each runner is responsible for completing a leg in the race. The first runner begins the race by running as quickly as possible, building momentum for their teammates, essentially setting the foundation for the rest…

Dangerous Behavioral Traps- How They Could Already Be Affecting Your Success

By Jeff Dixson | June 12, 2015

It’s no secret- trying to sort through all the financial options available to us can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed! To compound the problem, most investors, retirees or potential retirees rarely consider the possibility that they might unknowingly be making a huge behavioral mistake. That’s because most of the time, behavioral problems happen subconsciously.…

The 14 Most Popular Places to Put Your Retirement Dollars

By Jeff Dixson | June 5, 2015

Today we are surrounded by options. It’s often comical to just stand back and watch as someone approaches the salad dressing, cracker, or beer sections in the grocery store. It’s easier when you have an “old standby”, but what if you don’t? Or what if there were something better out there? We had been buying…

The Mutual Fund Expense Cheat Sheet

By Jeff Dixson | May 29, 2015

The other day we had a mother and daughter come into our office to meet with us. They had been with a large brokerage firm for a number of years. Many times they had asked their advisor about fees associated with their different investments (which included multiple mutual funds). Sadly, the only answer they could…

5 Hazardous Retirement Income Risks [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Jeff Dixson | May 22, 2015

Listen to the Podcast for This Infographic   Download the PDF of this Infographic

7 Risks That Could Significantly Affect Your Retirement Income

By Jeff Dixson | May 22, 2015

In his best-selling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Steven Covey stated that the first and possibly most important habit is to be proactive. We agree with Mr. Covey yet find that most people aren’t when it comes to their retirement plan. A part of being proactive about your retirement plan is knowing…

The Perfect Retirement Storm

By Jeff Dixson | May 8, 2015

Our country is staring down the barrel of a major retirement crisis of grand proportions. It’s a “perfect storm” of events and it’s sure to wreak havoc on everything, and everyone in its way. On average there are 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day. This is something that is going to continue for the…