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Due Date Approaches for 2018 Federal Income Tax Returns

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | February 22, 2019

Tax filing season is here again. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to start pulling things together — that includes getting your hands on a copy of your 2017 tax return and gathering W-2s, 1099s, and deduction records. You’ll need these records whether you’re preparing your own return or paying someone else to…

Considering a Career Move in 2019? Consider These Things First

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | December 20, 2018

Changing careers can be rewarding for many reasons, but career transitions don’t always go smoothly. Your career shift may take longer than expected, or you may find yourself temporarily out of work if you need to go back to school or can’t immediately find a job. Consider these four tips to help make the financial…

Should You Worry About the Recent Rollercoaster Market?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | December 12, 2018

It’s safe to say we are in the middle of some volatile times on Wall Street. U.S. markets have been on a roller coaster ride. Plenty of folks may be looking at their retirement accounts with some trepidation. In a recent interview with KXL radio’s Cooper Banks and Lucinda Kay, Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions…

Statement from Jason T. Lambert, Portfolio Manager / Senior Vice President

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | November 21, 2018

November 21, 2018 As many of you may have seen, we have experienced an increase in trading as of last week. In response to technical signals received. we have moved to a more defensive position in our growth model only. If you are involved in any other sleeves they are not affected.  What this means…

Statement from Jason T. Lambert Regarding Cottonwood Residential, Inc.

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | September 27, 2018

Cottonwood Residential, Inc. (CRI) recently sent a letter and Information Statement to common stockholders. On August 1, 2018, the Company executed an agreement to sell approximately $440 million in assets (12 properties) as the first step in recapitalizing the Company in order to repay and redeem the various interests held by FrontRange Capital Partners and Equity Resource Investments, including…

What to Do If Your Term Life Insurance Policy Is About to Expire

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | August 30, 2018

One advantage of term life insurance is that it is generally the most cost-effective way to achieve the maximum life insurance protection you can afford. Many people first purchase term life insurance to protect their family’s financial interests after a significant life event, such as getting married or the birth of a child. You may…

What Are the New Rules for 401(k) Hardship Withdrawals?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | August 24, 2018

The Bipartisan Budget Act passed in early 2018 relaxed some of the rules governing hardship withdrawals from 401(k)s and similar plans. Not all plans offer hardship withdrawals, but the ones that do will be required to comply for plan years beginning in 2019. In order to take a hardship withdrawal from a 401(k) or similar…

Meet Bruce Anderholt

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | August 24, 2018

Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions is Growing to Serve You. Jeff and the team are proud to announce the addition of Bruce Anderholt to the advisor team.Bruce joined Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions in January 2018 as a Financial Advisor. Bruce takes care of our clients with retirement & income planning, as well as account…

Have You Made Any of These Financial Mistakes?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | July 20, 2018

As people move through different stages of life, there are new financial opportunities — and potential pitfalls — around every corner. Have you made any of these mistakes? Your 50s and 60s 1. Raiding your home equity or retirement funds. It goes without saying that doing so will prolong your debt and/or reduce your nest egg.…

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