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Should I put my 401(k) contributions on the back burner for now?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | May 22, 2020

by David Topper Right now there are many that have lost their jobs and a large portion of their investment savings due to Covid-19 related market conditions. This may cause many to reconsider their contributions to retirement and instead save that money or use it for other things. I have always been avid proponent of…

The Market Outlook (as of now)

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | May 12, 2020

By Jason Lambert CFF and Dustin Martin CFF Currently, NWFTS does not believe the current rally we’ve seen in the markets will hold.  Testing a new low is a strong possibility.  Unemployment is at the highest levels we have seen in a generation and rising daily.  A large portion of the U.S. is sheltering in…

This Week In The Market

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | March 27, 2020

By Jason Lambert The market was down about 15% this last week. Last week we saw jaw dropping volatility with swings that we haven’t seen since 1987. In addition, this week we saw the largest gain since 1933. We are talking in historical terms about the market. We have also seen record lows in interest…

Is Diversification Enough?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | March 17, 2020

For the past 10 years, we watched as stocks consistently moved higher.  Much like the go-go 1990’s, 401k accounts got a huge boost from stocks:  the more risk you took, the higher your returns. Investors were taught that market fluctuations don’t matter:  “buy and hold, invest for the long term”.  Vanguard’s CEO, Tim Buckley issued…

The Financial Flu & What To Do

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | March 13, 2020

Negative events often cause the market to take an emotional over-reaction. These situations are usually short lived, and a quick recovery soon follows. Those who react out of panic get left behind and usually miss out on the rebound. The current Coronavirus situation is packed with fear, panic and over-reaction. But there are actually genuine…

Coronavirus and your investments

Coronavirus And Your Investments

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | February 27, 2020

What are you doing to protect your portfolio from the coronavirus? Stocks have been reeling lately due to the fears of a widespread pandemic from the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Volatility has increased in the Stock Market because of fears that the virus has spread wider than what was initially reported. The problem at heart here…

A Financial Advisor’s Advice to the Young

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | January 24, 2020

Do Not Read If You Are Over 25 By David Topper Everyone wants simple steps. 10 steps to finding true love, 7 steps to real estate fortune. Even Lynyrd Skynyrd requested “3 steps” (okay probably someone under 25 won’t get that reference but if you YouTube it you will be rewarded). I like things extra…

The SECURE Act Retirement Changes

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | January 17, 2020

The Secure Act: Let’s take a moment and update everyone on the SECURE Act and the recent changes to our retirement system it introduced. On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed a spending package into law, part of which included the SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement). This is one of the…

Do You Know The Advantage of Having a 457(b) Plan?

By Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions | January 10, 2020

The 457(b) Have you been considering a 457(b) plan through your employer? 457(b) plans are very similar to a 401k or other employer offered plans. They are typically for governmental employees. The 457(b) plan allows you to deposit and save money into the plan pre-tax, lowering your taxable income each year, and grow tax deferred.…

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