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"Education is the foundation of better financial decisions" - Jeff Dixson

Do you have an investment policy statement?

By Jeff Dixson | June 14, 2017

That question isn’t considered by most investors, but it should be. An investment policy statement is a formal written policy that indicates how you want your money managed and why it’s being managed in that way. Typically it’s interchangeable with the term “financial plan”, however it differs in one significant way; a financial plan typically…

Why Retirement Planning is Like Mapquest

By Jeff Dixson | June 7, 2017

When you go onto Google or Mapquest to get directions it typically asks you two things: 1) Starting location 2) Ending destination Often in the financial industry prospective clients sit down with an advisor who quickly begins proposing “roads to take” without fully nailing down and understanding their starting point and ending destination. These “roads…

Don’t Go to the Grocery Store without a List

By Jeff Dixson | May 31, 2017

Picture this- Imagine you have never cooked a meal before and you are sent to the grocery store to buy ingredients for an elaborate meal you’re going to cook. Unfortunately you only have a vague idea of what you’re trying to cook. On all of the shelves there aren’t any prices, or if there are,…

Most People Don’t Know All the Fees They’re Paying

By Jeff Dixson | May 23, 2017

Fees can erode your retirement nest egg over the years. The problem is most people don’t know how to identify what fees they’re paying or decide whether or not those fees are justified. Right up front, someone might be hit with a 6% sales load paid to the advisor, then on top of that, they…

The Best Way to Make Money is to Not Lose it in the First Place

By Jeff Dixson | May 16, 2017

When most people first hear this old adage, they shrug it off. It seems like something so simple that you shouldn’t have to be told. Most people think, “of course I don’t want to lose my money, that’s contrary to the idea of making money!” But it’s not until you look at the numbers, that…

If You Wouldn’t Buy It, Why Do You Own It?

By Jeff Dixson | May 11, 2017

When I sit down with a prospective client, a key question I ask them is: if you own an investment right now, and you were looking at that investment as though you had to decide whether or not you would buy it today, would you have a compelling reason to? If you don’t have a…

Do You Know the Answer to These Questions?

By Jeff Dixson | July 15, 2016

6 Questions Every Investor Should Know the Answers To When we meet with individuals every week in our office we ask them 6 simple questions that every investor should know the answers to. 1. Why do you have each investment you currently own? 2. How do they work? 3. Do you know what you’re invested…

What are you really making?

By Jeff Dixson | July 1, 2016

One of the most significant numbers in determining your portfolio’s success is its “rate of return”. What we find in our practice is that most people don’t know it, or they’re calculating it incorrectly. Your rate of return usually indicates the return your investments have generated on an annual basis. Typically an investor who is…

Dare to Dream About Your Retirement Lifestyle

By Jeff Dixson | April 28, 2016

As a financial planning firm we often speak about numbers. The world of retirement planning involves a lot of numbers, from interest rates, to return rates, to market performance to Social Security Benefit amounts. Certainly having the correct withdrawal rates, tax strategy and Social Security plan are important but so is your plan for your…

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